I’m here to help you learn to use your camera.

My name is Lyndsey. I love cameras, and I’m a camera manual nerd. When I started Hello Camera (originally know as Little Duckling), my aim was to enable new parents in Berkhamsted to make friends, learn a new skill and get some great photos of their babies. For a few years the Berkhamsted photography courses were lovely.

Then a pandemic hit, and like the rest of the world I moved online. Nearly 12 months later, and it’s turned out amazing. Tough, but amazing. I miss seeing people face to face. However I love that more people than I thought possible now know how to use their cameras. Not just people from Berkhamsted, but people from all over the UK, and even people from as far as the USA.



Laptop at table
Photographer Ashridge Forest


When I’m not helping you take great photos of your family, you’ll find me working with my camera. I predominantly photograph families, weddings and small businesses. I love this variety, and I love that none of my days are ever the same. 

As well as teaching photography courses in Berkhamsted, I also teach beginners landscape photography for the National Trust at the Ashridge Estate. These courses normally coincide with the beautiful bluebells and autumn colours. 

4 Things About Me


I'm mum to 2 boys. Life is never dull.


Travel is food for the soul, I miss it.


The best days start with time outside.


You can never have too many cups of tea.


I’ll be honest, writing blogs is not my favourite activity.  I tend to think about writing blogs for a long time before I actually get the content out of my head. But I love sharing useful things related to photography, so I’m slowly building the blog (and my social media pages) into a resource for all things photography related. 

I’d love to know what you’d find useful to have on the blog. How to take photos in specific situation? Advice on which lens to buy?  Exercises to improve your photography? Let me know and I’ll see what I can do.