Intermediate Course – Waiting List


Are you ready for your next challenge with your camera? Are you curious about what else is possible? Have you seen a specific technique you want to try?

The 3-week online intermediate photography course will help you take your photography skills up a level. With small groups and interactive sessions you will learn a whole load more photography skills & techniques. As always, there is homework and support between sessions to check you are happy putting your new skills into practice.

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In the intermediate photography course we start by revisiting the exposure triangle in more detail, adding additional topics such as measuring exposure and dynamic range. You will learn how to read a histogram, and how to use it to take better photos. There’s a whole host of new skills for you to learn, including exposure compensation and back button focus. We look further at understanding, modifying and adding light.

Other topics include the do’s and don’ts of printing your photos, lens choice and digital back up strategies. Not forgetting a whole host of creative shooting techniques.

This course runs on a weekday evening. Sessions start at 8pm, and last approx 2 hours.