All the lovely things people have said

I get lots of messages from people before they start the course. They worry they don’t know enough, that they have never used their camera except in auto.

I design the courses so you don’t need any knowledge before we begin. We will cover everything you need to know, and enjoy learning about our cameras as we go.

The reviews below are a selection of the lovely things people have said about the courses.

Woman with camera

I Loved It

‘Lyndsey is an excellent teacher and I finally, after 10 years owning an SLR, can now take photos not using automatic settings on my camera! She really made sure that we’d understood everything she was teaching us during the session

Photographer practicing skills
Beginner photographer

Thanks So Much

Thanks so much Lyndsey. Really appreciate it. can’t believe how much I learnt in EVERY session. Highly recommend. I’ve come away from the course with lots of new skills to practice’.


Really Enjoyable

I attended Lyndsey’s beginner course and thoroughly enjoyed all 3 sessions. The homework was fun as it got me to practice what I learnt. Lyndsey is clearly very knowledgeable and she was an excellent teacher. Would highly recommend.

Family Photos on Wall

Well Explained

‘I must admit that I learnt a lot more than I thought I would!’

Everything was explained so well and it was great to explore what my camera can actually do. It’s changed the way I take photos, on my phone as well as on my camera. Doing the homework really reinforced for me the things that were taught in the class. Thank you Lyndsey for some great sessions, I look forward to the next course!



Lyndsey was very clear and patient, set homework and gave some lovely feedback and suggestions that were very helpful. I loved learning how my camera works and easy composing tips I can actually use in every day pictures.

‘I thoroughly enjoyed every one of the sessions. If you are looking for an engaging course with a friendly teacher, I would totally recommend this one, you will learn so much and won’t regret it!